A dazzling bespoke triple ringed silver plated choker with a drop to the breastbone. (also available with one or 3 rows) Made from 3 rows of Silver jump rings the overall effect is elegance with a hint of Star Trek-style bondage.

  • Length: 35-40 cm adjustable.
  • width: One row 2 cm, Two rows 4 cm, Three rows 6 cm
  • Length of hanging part: 13 cm


  • Fits women of all ages and adjusts to any neck shape
  • Please email me for a bigger or smaller neck size fit

Drop Silver Circle Choker Necklace

250.00 ₪מחיר
  • Easy to maintain. If cleaning is needed, simply wipe with dry cloth, No rinsing in water or showering with it. It should be kept dry as possible when in storage.
    In order to keep the jewelry, avoid wearing it when sleeping, showering or doing physical exercise. Also, avoid contact of the jewelry with perfume, hair sprays and similar products.

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